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Dating Bill of Rights

You have certain rights and responsibilities in a dating relationship. Click Here

Date Rape means having a date force you to have intercourse or perform other sexual acts. Any kind of forced sexual contact is a violation of your rights.

REMEMBER: You have the right to choose when and with whom you want to be sexual.

Know Your Date

Set Boundaries - Know what your limits are when dating. Know that any type of force is wrong.

Respect boundaries that are set by others; don't view them as a change or as rejection.

Communicate Clearly - Talk about your expectations of a relationship or if there is going to a relationship at all.

Meet in Public Places - Group date with friends until you know the person well.

Notice how your date acts with other people and treats you.

Avoid situations that involve alcohol when you or your date can lose control.

Trust Your Feelings - If you feel uncomfortable or threatened, get to a safe place away from the person or situation.

Warning Signs

Intrusion - Often the offender begins by somehow voilating his victim's space.

Other types of intrusions can be unwanted touches, a certain kind of look, or conversations about things you don't want to talk about because they'e so personal.

Usually intrusions are not very threatening, but make you feel uncomfortable.

Desensitization - You become less sensitive to the intrusions. You drop your guard. You start to think, "that's just the way he is," or "he doesn't mean anything by it."

Isolation - The offender tries to get you alone. You can't avoid being alone with everyone, but to avoid being isolated with people who make you uncomfortable is a good prevention technique.

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If you are or think you may become violent with the person you are dating, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233), 800-787-3224 (TDD), or the National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
National Domestic Violence Hotline
National Sexual Assault Hotline