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Internet Safety
Be Smart When Surfing the Web, Posting on a Social Network, or Exchanging Instant Messages and Emails.


Information Provided by Webwise Kids
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Teen Internet Safety Tips
DO spend more time with real-life friends than virtual friends

DO tell an adult if someone online harasses you or wants to talk about sex

DO cut off contact with anyone who pressures you for your personal information (name, age, size, photo, address, family information)

DO be careful of strangers who try to turn you against your family while promising to be your best friend (they may send you gifts and give you lots of compliments, but at the same time, they are possessive of your time and critical of your parents.)

DO NOT exchange pictures with strangers through the Internet

DO NOT open e-mails/instant messages or download attachments from people you don’t know

DO NOT fill out your information to win free stuff

DO NOT go to meet someone you don’t already know in real life

DO NOT post personal information, of any kind, on a personal website or blog