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Date Rape Drugs
The use of date rape drugs to weaken a potential rape
victim has increased significantly since they first began to
appear in this country in the early 1990s. While alcohol
— the most commonly used date rape drug — and other
street drugs can cause a person to lose inhibitions and
make errors in judgment, the new types of date rape
drugs can leave a victim powerless to fend off an attack
and unable to remember details of the attack after it has
Date rape drugs are particularly dangerous because they
can be mixed with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic
drinks, including soft drinks, water, lemonade, iced
tea or more.

Other than alcohol, the most popular date rape
drugs are:

• Ketamine hydrochloride, also called Special K, K,
Vitamin K, Ket, or kitty dope.
• Rohypnol, or roofies, rape, ruffies, R2, ruffles, roche,
or forget pills.
• Gamma hydroxy butycate, also known as GHB, liquid
ecstasy, liquid X, scoop or easy lay.
Both rohypnol and gamma hydroxy butycate leave the
victim unconscious but with Ketamine, the victim is
awake and often appears to be “enjoying” the attack.
That can make it difficult to get convictions if there are
witnesses to the attack.

Victims of date rape drugs report that when they wake
up, they have little or no memory of the event after a
certain point in time or they remember bits and pieces of
the attack but have no complete memory.
All three drugs can quickly leave the victim’s
bloodstream so it is important that such rapes be
reported quickly because chemical analysis can be
important evidence.

If you think you have been a victim of a date
rape drug you can call a rape crisis center:
Toll free 24-hour hotline
1-866-686-RAPE (7273) or
Advocates are available for confidential crisis counseling
and information about how to report the assault.

Remember you are not alone
If you call, we will help.

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